Building Commission videos

The Building Commission is developing a range of videos for industry and consumers. Below is a list of videos currently available for viewing.


Changes to the Construction Contracts Act

The Construction Contracts Act 2004 (CCA) is an important piece of legislation for the building and construction industry in Western Australia. On 15 December 2016 important changes to the CCA commenced operation. These were the biggest changes since the CCA first commenced operation in 2005. The broad scope of the construction contracts that the CCA covers means that it’s important that all participants in the building and construction industry are aware of the changes. This online seminar covers what the CCA is, a brief background on the changes, what the key changes are, and possible future changes. (Running time 19:43 min).

Checking roof compliance on site

A presentation by Geoff Boughton on checking roof compliance on building sites in Western Australia. This information follows the 2016 release of the general inspection report into metal roof construction in Western Australia. (Running time 1:05 hr).

Swimming and spa pool safety barriers – changes to the rules 2016 (Part 1)

Between 2003 and 2013, 40 toddlers drowned in Western Australia. Next to supervision, pool barrier compliance is an effective method of preventing the drowning of children under the age of 5. In this presentation, changes to the Building Regulations 2012 are discussed, along with the swimming pool barrier provisions of the Building Code of Australia 2016, AS 1926.1-2012 and AS1926.2-2007. Several scenarios are explored to illustrate the application of the regulations. (Running time 17:40 min).

View Part 2 of the pool information session here (running time 24:03 min).

Building Summit August 2016

The State’s second Building Summit held on 9 August 2016 was an opportunity for the building industry and local and State government agencies to progress major reforms to improve the efficiency, productivity and consistency of the Western Australian building industry. Specific topics discussed were electronic enablement in the building industry, engineering standards, and the implementation of bush fire reforms. (Running time 2:55 min).

Building Summit February 2016

The State’s first ever Building Summit on 2 February 2016 was an opportunity for the Western Australian building industry and local and State government agencies to identify new red tape reductions and ways to streamline regulatory requirements for the construction of new homes, residential renovations and commercial construction. (Running time: 2:39 min).

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