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Establishment and function

The Plumbers Licensing Board is established by Part 5A of the Plumbers Licensing Act 1995.  The Act vests the Board with four main functions:

  • To monitor matters relating to the qualification and training of plumbers.
  • To advise the Minister for Commerce on matters relating to the licensing and regulation of plumbers.
  • To administer the plumber licensing scheme.
  • To perform licensing and disciplinary functions.

The Board issues plumbing contractor and tradesperson licences to suitably qualified and experienced applicants, and through the services provided by the Building Commission, administers the licensing system and the disciplinary framework that applies to licensed plumbers in Western Australia.
The Board has been operating since 2000 and comprises a maximum of nine members appointed by the Minister for Commerce.  Members are appointed as experts in matters related to plumbing occupations and to represent consumer interests.  The Chairperson is independent of the plumbing industry.

Contact details:

Office address

Plumbers Licensing Board
Building Commission
Level 1, 303 Sevenoaks Street

Mailing address

Plumbers Licensing Board
Department of Commerce
Building Commission
Locked Bag 14

Tel: 1300 489 099
Fax: (+618) 6251 1501



The current Board membership is:

Howard Croxon
Howard Croxon, by sgrove

Howard Croxon OAM – Chairperson

Mr Howard Croxon OAM has significant experience in the operation of boards and committees. Mr Croxon is a vigorous advocate for the industry and also represents the interest of consumers. As Principal Consultant for Croxon Management Solutions he has worked with government and industry to achieve high value outcomes during his career.







Richard Schwenke
Richard Schwenke, by sgrove

Richard Schwenke – Deputy Chairperson

Mr Richard Schwenke was appointed to the Board to represent consumer interests. His many years of experience in private enterprise, including in real estate, financial planning, insurance, computing and as a small business proprietor, make him a strong and informed advocate in this area.





Bob Goodchild
Bob Goodchild, by sgrove

Bob Goodchild

Mr Bob Goodchild brings over 40 years knowledge and experience of the plumbing industry representing the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association (MPGA). He has been a member of MPGA for many years and has held office as an Executive Committee member for 9 years. A member of the Institution of Engineers Australia, he is currently an educational consultant / Lecturer.


Mick Wynne
Mick Wynne, by sgrove

Michael Wynne

Mr Michael Wynne brings to the Board extensive experience and knowledge of the plumbing industry. He was previously President of the Master Plumbers Association of Western Australia, examiner for the Plumber’s Licensing Board of Western Australia, and member of the Australian Standards Steering Committee, reviewing the States by-laws.

brianbintley.jpg, by sgrove

Brian Bintley

Mr Brian Bintley brings to the Board a vast knowledge of the industry. He was previously Secretary of the Western Australian branch of the Plumbing Trades Employee Union.

Clinton Holborn PLB
Clinton Holborn PLB, by ebleakley

Clinton Holborn

Mr Clinton Holborn has more than 27 years of experience in the plumbing industry. He is the Managing Director of a Mandurah plumbing company and has previously worked in various plumbing and supervising positions, including as an estimator. Mr Holborn's experience has seen him supervise and manage plumbing installations at major construction sites both in Perth and throughout the South West. He is a former Board member of the Peel Small Business Development Corporation and volunteers at the small business centre in the Peel region.


Sonia McKeiver
Sonia McKeiver, by ebleakley

Sonia McKeiver

Ms Sonia McKeiver has been appointed to the Board to represent consumer interests and is experienced in compliance and corporate governance. Sonia has had previous investigatory roles with the Financial Ombudsman Service in Melbourne and the Financial Services Authority in London. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics. Sonia has held previous board positions with the Small Business Development Corporation and Churchlands Primary School. She is currently employed by the Office of the Auditor General.



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