Co-operatives fees and forms

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Fees and forms for co-operatives


Co-operatives forms


Schedule of fees commencing 1 July 2013

Item giving rise to a fee

Fee $

Submission of proposed disclosure statement for approval 


Submission of proposed rules for approval


Application for registration


Uncertified copy of rules or document, or uncertified extract from the register:

a. For the first page
b. For each additional page


Certified copy of a document:

c. For the first page
d. For each additional page 


Submission of proposed alteration of rules for approval under section:

a. For each rule to be altered
b. Maximum fee


Application for registration of alteration of rules


Lodgement of special resolution 


Notice of appointment or cessation of appointment of a person as 
director, CEO or secretary


Filing of annual report


Late filing fees: 

  1. Where the Annual Report is filed less than 28 days late; or
  2. Where the Annual Report is filed 28 days late or longer




Notice of change of address


Application for extension or abridgement of time  


Application for approval of a merger or transfer of engagements


Inspection of register or prescribed documents


Please note: There are other items which give rise to fees. If you are lodging 
documents or seeking approval for processes not mentioned in this table, please 
contact the Co-operatives Unit on (08) 6364 3070 for further information. 


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