Co-operatives fees and forms

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Fees and forms for co-operatives


Form 99 payment form should accompany your application forms

Obtaining copies of documents

Contact the Co-operatives Unit by calling 1300 304 054 for a quotation before submitting your Form 99 Payment Form to request copies of documents.


Co-operatives schedule of fees
Item giving rise to a fee Fee $
Submission of proposed disclosure statement for approval 316.45
Applicaiton for exemption 316.45
Submission of proposed rules for approval 154.65
Application for registration 154.65

Uncertified copy of rules or document, or uncertified extract from the register

  1. For the first page
  2. For each additional page

Certified copy of a document

  1. For the first page
  2. For each additional page


Submission of proposed alteration of rules for approval under section

  1. For each rule to be altered
  2. Maximum fee


Application for registration of alteration of rules 39.15
Lodgement of special resolution under section 181  39.15
Notice of appointment or cessation of appointment of a person as director, CEO or secretary Nil
Lodgement of annual report 39.15
Notice of change of address Nil
Application for extension or abridgement of time 78.35
Application for approval of a merger or transfer of engagements 316.45
Inspection of register or prescribed documents 15.25



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