Disputes related to the rules of association

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Members have a crucial role in ensuring their association is conducted in an acceptable way. If one or more members think there is something wrong with the running of an incorporated association there are a number of options available to resolve the dispute.

Raise your concerns:

  • informally with association committee members;
  • formally by writing to the committee; and/or
  • with the general membership at the next general meeting.

Follow the dispute resolution process in the rules

The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (the Act) requires all incorporated associations include in their rules a procedure for dealing with any dispute, under or relating to, the rules:

  • between members; or
  • between members and the incorporated association

If you are unsure what the dispute resolution process for your association involves, the Act gives a member the right to inspect the rules as kept by the association, and to take a copy.

Apply to the State Administrative Tribunal

Where a dispute between individual members, or members and the association, relating to the rules of the association has  not been  resolved after completing the dispute resolution process, as set out in the rules, an application may be made for the dispute to be heard by the State Administrative Tribunal (the SAT).

It is important to note that the application will not be considered if the dispute resolution process in the association’s rules has not been completed.  Information about the application and hearing processes can be found on the SAT's website .  

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