Amending a lodged notice

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eNotice provides a facility for users to amend a notice they have previously lodged, if considered necessary.

A lodged Notice of Completion (NOC) is a legal document certified by a Gas Fitter. Any change required to a lodged NOC can only legally be certified by the same Gas Fitter.

Guidelines for amendment

The need to amend a lodged notice is the sole discretion of the person who certified and lodged the notice. However, the following guidelines are provided to assist in making this decision.

Amendment of a lodged NOC is not recommended where a variation is not significant from a compliance viewpoint - for example:

  • simple spelling errors; or
  • inaccurate details for a builder.

Amendment is recommended where an error in the lodged NOC is important to defining what has been certified on the notice, including (but not limited to):

  • inaccurate Gas Supplier;
  • premise address;
  • details of completed work;
  • answers to compliance declaration questions;
  • gas fitter licence number;
  • date of completion; or
  • where a NOC has been lodged in error, such as:
    • duplication of a previously lodged notice (for the same work); or
    • accidental premature lodgement.

Further information on amending a lodged notice can be found on the frequently asked questions page.

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