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Background - what is GA7?

The General Agreement 7 (GA7) negotiations are the seventh set of negotiations that have occurred with the Civil Service Association (CSA) under the general agreement framework since 2002.

The primary agreement being negotiated for replacement is the Public Service and Government Officers General Agreement 2014 (PSGOGA), which covers more than 33,000 public service and government officers in approximately 100 public sector agencies.

A number of other agency level general agreements to which the CSA is the union party ("satellite agreements") will also be negotiated under the GA7 framework, concurrent with the GA7 negotiations.

The agreements expire on 12 June 2017.

Wages Policy

The negotiations are subject to the Public Sector Wages Policy Statement 2017, available here. The Policy Statement applies to all agreements from 12 May 2017. 

CSA claim

On 9 December 2016 Public Sector Labour Relations (PSLR) formally received a log of claims from the CSA. A copy of the log of claims is available here.

GA7 Offer

On 12 June 2017 PSLR made an offer to the CSA to replace the Public Service and Government Officer General Agreement 2014 (GA).

A copy of the GA7 Offer to the CSA is available here.

Key elements of the offer include:

  • 2 year term;
  • No trade-offs;
  • Salary and allowance increases consistent with the Public Sector Wages Policy Statement 2017.

Conversion of Fixed Term Contract employees:

  • high level principles for the development of criteria for  fixed term contract (FTC) conversion;
  • matters relating to the development of criteria subject to further consultation and consideration by Government.

Fixed Term Contracts:

  • provision of information related to FTC usage (names and work locations);
  • circumstance of FTC employment to be included  in the terms of appointment.

Employer Preference for permanent employment:

  • statements recognising permanent employment is the preferred form of engagement.

Use of Labour Hire arrangements: 

  • provision of data related to labour hire usage.

Workload Management:

  • updated Workload indicators and  workload survey if a workload review team is established.

Family and Domestic Violence (FDV): 

  • additional ten days paid FDV leave.

Maternity, Other Parent and Partner Leave:

  • legislative updates as required.

Christmas/New Year Closedown:

  • capacity to utilise purchased, pro rata long service leave or public service holidays in lieu.


Associated Agreement and agency specific claim items to be resolved as soon as possible within Wages Policy parameters.

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