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The information on this page applies only to employers and employees in the WA state industrial relations system. The state system covers businesses which operate as sole traders, unincorporated partnerships, unincorporated trust arrangements as well as any incorporated associations or not for profit bodies that are not trading or financial corporations.  The Guide to who is in the state system has more detail.

This information does not apply to any business which operates as a Pty Ltd business and is a trading or financial corporation nor to any incorporated association or not for profit body that is a trading or financial corporation. These businesses and organisations are in the national fair work system and should visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website for information on employment laws. 

Have you checked whether a WA award applies?

All employees must be paid at least the statutory minimum rate of pay. If the employee is covered by an award, they must be paid the award rate of pay. Contact Wageline to check award coverage.

Minimum pay rates for award free employees 

The pay rates below are the minimum pay rates for an employee whose job is not covered by a WA award. Some exclusions apply for specific groups.

The minimum weekly rate of pay is for a 38 hour week and the minimum hourly rate applies to all hours worked above 38 each week. Award free employees do not have a minimum entitlement to be paid a higher rate of pay for hours worked above 38 each week or for work on weekends or public holidays or for shift work.

Minimum pay rates for award free employees who are not apprentices or trainees - effective 1 July 2016

Age Full time weekly 
rate (38 hours)
Hourly rate Casual hourly rate
(includes 20% loading)
(21 years or older)
$692.90 $18.23 $21.88
20 years $623.70 $16.41 $19.70
19 years $554.40 $14.59 $17.51
18 years $485.10 $12.77 $15.32
17 years $415.80 $10.94 $13.13
16 years $346.50 $9.12 $10.94
<16 years $277.20 $7.29 $8.75


The Minimum pay rates for award free employees 2016 fact sheet provides these rates in a printable pdf format.  

Pay rates for award free employees who are apprentices or trainees are available in the Minimum rates of pay for award free apprentices and trainees 2016 fact sheet. 

Exclusions apply from the minimum rates of pay for the following groups:

  • Volunteers
  • People who receive a disability support pension and are supported by a supported employment service
  • People paid wholly by commission or piece rates 
  • People appointed as wardens under the National Trust of Australia (WA) Act

Minimum rates of pay for the years 2004 - 2015 are available in the  Western Australian minimum wage rates 2004-2015 fact sheet.

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