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Public sector employers

The WA Pay Equity Audit Tool can assist public sector organisations undertake a pay equity audit. The Audit Tool is an automated spreadsheet that aids in the data analysis process by creating tables and charts based on payroll data, showing gender pay gaps and other indicators such as the prevalence of flexible working arrangements.

There are four resources to help you make best use of the tool:

  • The Instruction Guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the pay equity audit tool with an illustrated step-by-step guide.
  • The Sample Payroll Data will familiarise you with the Tool before you insert your own organisation's data. The data is randomised and is updated using the F9 key, or you can select the fixed data tab. You can manipulate this data so it mimics your organisation. There are brief instructions on the left hand side to guide you through the steps.
  • The Pay Equity Audit Tool is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you, at the click of a button, to automatically produce tables and graphs that analyse gender pay gaps and flexible work practices in your agency. Important notes:
    • before inserting the data, read the information on formatting the data fields which you will find in the Instruction Guide.
    • ensure macros are enabled or the Tool will not update.
  • The sample Pay Equity Audit report is provided for public sector agencies. The sample report demonstrates the results of an actual audit (with identifying data removed) to give you ideas on how to lay out your report and sample strategies arising from audits that may also be applicable for your organisation.

WA Pay Equity Audit tool

The four documents that comprise the pay equity audit tool are available for download

Access the WA Pay Equity Audit Tool resources


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