Application to renew a Charitable Collections Licence

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Not for profit

When to use this form

This form is to be completed to renew a charitable collections licence.


  • Ensure all questions on this form have been answered
  • Type directly into this form electronically before printing and signing it or hand print neatly using an ink pen in block letters.
  • Tick where appropriate and attach additional pages if space in this form is insufficient.
  • Attach copies of PEO Declaration Form for the  Principal Executive Officers named on this form
  • Attach Police Certificate no older than six (6) months for every Principal Executive Officer named on the form that are not continuing and have not previously provided this office with a police clearance.
  • Ensure that the statement is signed by an appropriate person.

All other forms are listed on the charities forms and publications page.

Lodging your application

The charity licence page contains further details about:

  • how to lodge your application;
  • relevant fees; 
  • other charities forms; and 
  • how to contact us.

Important Notes

If your organisations charitable collections licence expires your organisation will no longer be able to solicit charitable donations or fundraise in Western Australia.

Further Information

For further information contact the Associations and Charities branch at:

Telephone: (08) 6552 9364
Country callers: 1300 304 074

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Last updated 01 Jul 2018

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