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Codes of practice provide guidance for employers, contractors, people in control of workplaces and workers on the management of safety and health hazards and risks associated with an issue and some of the relevant requirements under the legislation. The Minister for Commerce approves codes of...
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Portable pools can pose a safety risk, especially for children under the age of five. Even in a small portable pool with very little water, it only takes seconds for a child to drown. Inflatable and portable pools can present a danger as they are not usually fenced and may not be completely emptied...
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RCDs Lessors must have two RCDs installed on the switchboard at their rental premises before it can be leased. Energy Safety has more detailed information about RCDs. Smoke Alarms In the case of a fire, toxic smoke, rather than heat and flames, is the most immediate threat to life. As many fires...
Security, safety, maintenance and entry rights
Consumer Protection has one metropolitan Perth office and six regional locations in Western Australia. Kalgoorlie office relocation Our Kalgoorlie office on Brookman Street will close on Friday 31 August at 12.30pm and will reopen in the West Kalgoorlie office at the corner of Hunter and Broadwood...
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A safety and health committee can be established if any employee requests a committee, or the employer decides to establish one. The WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner can direct the appointment of a committee. Each workplace can choose the best committee structure to suit their operation. For...
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Safety and health representatives are offered support through WorkSafe's community education officers. The community education officers are available to come to your workplace to give talks on the role of WorkSafe, to explain the obligations of employers and employees under the Act on a range of...
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Once WorkSafe has received the election notification form , your details will be entered into our database. We will then send you a registration kit which includes: a letter of confirmation of registration; and an ID card. Terms of office Safety and health representatives are elected for a term of...
This page contains frequently asked questions about safety and health representatives. How often must I carry out an inspection? Inspections must be carried out every 30 days, or in consultation with your employer. You and your employer should agree on the number and type of inspection to be...
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All elected safety and health representatives should attend an accredited introductory training course within 12 months of being elected. This training will help a safety and health representative to understand and exercise their powers effectively. Training equips representatives with the...



Hot work includes activities such as grinding, welding, thermal or oxygen cutting or heating, and other related heat or spark producing operations. Undertaking hot work in an area where flammable...
Fact sheet
16 Jun 2017
WorkSafe is seeing ongoing non-compliance with wall chasing work, such as: Use of petrol powered saws without local exhaust ventilation (LEV) on-tool, exposing workers to toxic carbon monoxide;...
13 Jun 2017
Recently WorkSafe became aware that a number of empty sea containers had come into Fremantle port contaminated with raw chrysotile (white asbestos). The friable asbestos was present within the sea...
30 May 2017
WorkSafe Western Australia is the government agency responsible for regulating WA’s occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation. This fact sheet offers essential information to assist employers...
Fact sheet
29 Jun 2017
WorkSafe Western Australia is the government agency responsible for regulating WA’s occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation. When incidents occur at workplaces, employers are required to...
Fact sheet
10 Apr 2017
This checklist applies where any inspection, cleaning, repair, maintenance or alteration of plant is carried out or where the function or condition of plant is impaired to the extent that it presents...
25 Jan 2017
This occupational safety and health (OSH) handout has been developed to assist employers, self-employed persons, persons having control of workplaces and employees working in airport operations and...
16 Jan 2017
WorkSafe visited 82 nail salons between 2012 and 2016 to assess hazardous substances compliance. Air monitoring was conducted in a small number of salons. This publication provides information for...
06 Jan 2017
This occupational safety and health (OSH) newsletter has been developed to provide information and assistance to employers, self-employed persons, persons having control of workplaces and employees...
03 Jan 2017
This guidance note applies to all workplaces in Western Australia covered by the OSH Act. It provides guidance for employers and workers on minimising the exposure to underground asset strikes and...
Guidance note
20 Dec 2016


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