Boarders and lodgers are a special group of home-dwellers in terms of the law. As they are not tenants, they are not covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 but instead have rights under common law provisions. Distinguishing between tenants, boarders and lodgers It is not always easy to...
Types of rental accommodation
Whether you are a lessor / landlord or tenant - you should make sure you do your homework before signing a rental agreement. Tenants Make sure the property meets your day-to-day needs. Ask yourself: Can you pay the rent and still have money to live? Is it close to shops, schools or public transport...
Beginning a tenancy
There can be confusion about the difference between retirement villages and residential / caravan parks . In terms of appearance and services, the two may be very similar. The main differences relate to the type of ownership and occupancy arrangements, the permanency of tenure and the protections...
Types of rental accommodation


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