Register your fire alarm and lift phone to become NBN ready

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) rolls out and Telstra's existing fixed line networks are disconnected, monitored fire alarms and lift phones must be migrated to the NBN or other technology platforms. Fire alarm and lift phone services that operate over the top of existing fixed-line voice services may cease to operate upon disconnection of Telstra's networks if they are not migrated prior to the disconnection date in a rollout area. Migration does not happen automatically; action needs to be taken to initiate migration activity for each service.

Fire alarm and lift phone services are safety-critical services and there are serious risks to public safety, personal injury and property damage should they fail to operate in an emergency situation. In recognition of this, the Australian Government, NBN, Telstra, and the monitored fire alarm and lift phone industries have worked together to develop a framework to support the migration of fire alarm and lift phone services.  A crucial first point in managing these services' successful transition is identifying the voice lines over which they operate.

The Fire Alarm and Lift Phone Register is designed to help support the safe migration of fire alarms and lift phones from existing fixed line networks. The Register will enable NBN to access information about these services, and contact building owners/managers to assist with migrating the services.

Registering services helps identify those that might be eligible for a deferred disconnection up until 30 June 2017. All unregistered services that are still using existing fixed line networks risk being disconnected on their respective rollout region's disconnection dates, and will stop working.

To register a service visit or call 1800 687 626.

To check if the NBN is available at your building visit

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